30 Hz - Carrier Tone - Pure - Binaural Beat - Isochronic Tones - ASMR - Self Hypnosis - Brainwave Entrainment - 3D Simulator Entrainment Video, Additional Free Download and Purchase Options

30 Hz, Download Options include: Carrier Tone; Pure; Binaural Beat; Isochronic Tones; ASMR; Self Hypnosis; 3D Simulator Entrainment Video; Additional Options are available for this selection.
You can purchase this and any options on this website Now. or Please visit my Patreon Account and become a Membership Based Contributor today When Using these Entrainment Tools, Do not not self distract by over thinking any part of the experience and questioning yourself as to whether you are good at this or not.
Typically At even less than 35% to 50% volume on Studio or Any Quality Headphones nobody is immune to the Influence Present in this production, Unless you suffer from any type of hearing loss or have implants or anything else that by nature or any circumstance interferes with or modifies normal hearing.
These Brainwave Entrainment Recordings and Videos for Self Hypnosis,  Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beat, Isochronic Tones, ASMR, Samples and Productions will Immediately begin to Influence, Induct Trance and Suggestability, Activate Creative Thought Paths, Stimulate Visualization, Increase Intuition, Increase Awareness Internally, Increase Awareness Externally, Decrease Meaningless Thoughts, Enable you to Cleanse you mind of Unnecesary Wave Noise Artifacts - distracting static , Evoke Clarity, Focus, Trigger Lucid Dreaming, Induce Sleep, Encourage Alertness, and Any brainwave state that you wish to entrain to. Lucid Dreamers are Inspired and excited about our Productions.
These Recordings very effectivly induce Entrainment according to the nature of the mind pulse and will Naturally encourage Maintaining the Frequency Following Response.
Atomic Note / Ratio Atomic Note / Ratio text
Bodily Function Bodily Function text
Carrier Frequency Carrier Frequency text
Chakra Chakra text
Citation-Reference Citation-Refernce text
Color Correspondence Color Correspondence text
Comment-1 Comment-1 text
Element Element text
Frequency Details Frequency Details text
Hz Cycles Per Second Hz Cycles Per Second text
Middle Octave Middle Octave text
Musical Note Proximity Musical Note Proximity text
Planet Planet text
Planet Orbit Planet Orbit text
Planet Spin Planet Spin text
Related Organs Related Organs text
Semitone Freq Ratio Semitone Freq Ratio text
Used for Used for text
Wave Range Wave Range text

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