Binaural Beats - Hawaii Theta-Delta

Published on Jun 6, 2017

2017 - Relax Baby Series of Brain Entrainment Videos by Steven Broschat. 2 Hawaii Theta-Delta is: Presented in a 3D Simulator Environment. Please enjoy the continuous improvement of this already loved series. Shaka!

A synchronized combination of Complimentary Harmonic Solfeggio Pure Tones and "a Binaural Step Sequenced 24bit Field Sampled Recording of South Maui Hawaii's - Incoming Waves, Shoreline Foam, Returning Washback trickling over Kihei Sand into Hawaiian Coastal Waters.

This Original and Unique Entrainment Produced by, Steven Broschat is programmed to;

Encourage pleasure inducing beta-endorphins to rise and time sparingly descend the mind state into non-rem Delta state.

Common effects are, Smile on your face while sleeping and a restful period of sleep and a positive waking experience following sleep period.

* South Maui Hawaii Coastal Ocean Water Recorded at 24bit 192khz

To encourage peace, calm heart, mind, breathing, Inevitably to a very relaxed disappearance of all unimportant thoughts.

The scene is set in our 3D Open Simulator off the coast of a Virtual Oahu with moonlight and clouds reflecting off of the water in a dark and colorful Indigo series of video captured from my private 3D Simulator.

Beneficial tones are combined with Aloha to create multiple synchronized beats on the edge of Delta.

----------- Minimal Pink Noise-----------
----------- Naturally Powerful Environmental Elements-----------

Headphones are Highly Recommended, Studio Monitors=OK , Consumer Quality Sound Systems are also Relaxing but less profound in reproducing the desired effects. ENJOY THIS FREELY!
Begin -Theta-Delta: 3 to 7 Hz. drowsy thoughts imagery

Well being trance non rem -

For Higher Resolution and Bitrate in Full Length Recordings, Patron Access, 3D Simulator Access, Priority Requests, Special Needs - Please visit my Patreon Account and become a contributor today!

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