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3D Service

Need to Upgrade your Server?

Maui Computer Medics® assists in helping companies expand and upgrade their network servers. We specialize in moving your data to a new server or new hardware in your existing server. We upgrade servers around your schedule to minimize interruptions to your workflow.

Server Upgrade

Use Maui Computer Medics® as your server upgrade consultant. We upgrade servers every often and have significant knowledge and skill in upgrade management. You can trust us to use the latest techniques and operations on your upgrade and file migration for all versions of Windows and Linux Servers. We excel in planned upgrades and will have your server in place on time.



These are only a few of our specialties:
  • Imaging your data from old to new hard drives. (Ghosting.)
  • Imaging your data from old to new server
  • Expanding existing RAID system
  • Moving and expanding RAID partitions
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