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Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats
Download Options include: Carrier Tone; Pure; Binaural Beat; Isochronic Tones; ASMR; Self Hypnosis; 3D Simulator Entrainment Video; Additional Options are available for this selection.
In Order To prepare yourself for an Optimal Experience:
Do not permit yourself to "self distract!" by simply over thinking any part of the experience and questioning yourself as to whether you are good at this or not. Typically At even less than 35% to 50% volume on Studio Monitors or Any Quality Headphones nobody is immune to the Influence Present in this production, Unless you suffer from any type of hearing loss or have implants or anything else that by nature or any circumstance interferes with or modifies normal hearing.
This Entrainment begins to work Immediatly.
2017 - Relax Baby Series of Brainwave Entrainment Recordings and Videos for Self Hypnosis,  Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beat, Isochronic Tones, ASMR, Samples and Productions will Immediately begin to Influence, Induct Trance and Suggestability, Activate Creative Thought Paths, Stimulate Visualization, Increase Intuition, Increase Awareness Internally, Increase Awareness Externally, Decrease Meaningless Thoughts, Enable you to Cleanse you mind of Unnecesary Wave Noise Artifacts - distracting static , Evoke Clarity, Focus, Trigger Lucid Dreaming, Induce Sleep, Encourage Alertness, and Any brainwave state that you wish to entrain to. Lucid Dreamers are Inspired and excited about our Productions. These Recordings very effectivly induce Entrainment according to the nature of the mind pulse and will Naturally encourage Maintaining the Frequency Following Response.
For your Safety and Effectiveness,
You are duly informed that we are Not Licensed Medical Professionals, Clinicians or Counselors, Hypnotists.
By using any product gift or sample of this website, You assume all risks and choose to participate in the use of these Productions, Samples and Audio / Video gifts with your implied and informed consent and agree to hold Steven Broschat, Maui Commercial Media and Communications, RainbowHQ, Maui Computer Medics, any Alias's Tradenames and Affiliatiations Harmless in every way and waive any entitlements to legal remedies or action in any court of law of any state, country, soverign nation, and anywhere.
This Entrainment begins to work Immediatly. Please enjoy the continuous improvement of this already loved series. Shaka!
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30 Hz, Download Options include: Carrier Tone; Pure; Binaural Beat; Isochronic Tones; ASMR; S..
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Published on Jun 6, 2017   2017 - Relax Baby Series of Brain Entrainment Videos by Steven..
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